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From startups to corporate businesses, we provide innovative support

Startups & Founders

Do you need advice on the potential company structure?

Do you want to know what kind of funding would be most suitable for your business?

Do you need to structure your shareholders agreement & stock-option agreement?

Whether your startup is at the idea stage or about to take-off, we are ready to guide you to succeed.

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Creative Agencies & Content Creators


Are you working with freelancers & content creators?

Do you need advice how to protect your intellectual property rights?


Do you wonder about the regulations on social media?


We are ready to get them covered for you.

Game Studios

Do you want to reach millions of gamers seamlessly?


Do you want to how you can follow the investment trend on game sector?


Do you want to secure your copyright and your right to use footage, designs?

We are here to provide you the right legal assistance so that you can focus on what you do best.


International Growth

Do you need advice on other markets to find which one is a better fit for your business?

Are you looking for a foreign investment to expand your business?


Do you want to know what regulations you will need to comply with?

If you are willing to expand your business into other markets, we are here to make that happen through our global experience and a truly international network.

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Corporate Businesses

Do you need to resolve internal or external disputes?

Do you need to comply with regulatory issues, personal data protection or consumer legislation?

Whether you are looking for growth or maintain a steady and worry-free business, we will support you.

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Startups & Founders
Game Studios
Creative Agencies & Content Creators
Corporate Businesses
International Growth
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